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Innovation and entrepreneurship in education

I&E is important for all teachers - regardless of their background

Processes and didactic approaches known from innovation and entrepreneurship can be integrated into many different types of teaching and support learning. By using innovation and entrepreneurship processes as an educational approach it can help to:

  • improve one’s subject knowledge
  • improve the understanding of one's own discipline in a broader context
  • connect professionalism to practical problem solving
  • provide an understanding of how academic knowledge is brought into play
  • give rise to the development of professional creativity and thinking 'outside of the box'
  • create awareness on how to help create value, including economic, cultural or social value, with ones subject knowledge
  • provide an opportunity to gain experience with the challenges of interdisciplinary cooperation and thus develop interdisciplinary skills, and
  • enhance students' implementation skills

More than start-ups

Innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) is also about much more than starting a business or taking out a patent. You can read more about various UCPH teachers' use of I&E in education.

You can also contact the University's innovation consultants and get inspiration on how to use I&E pedagogy in your specific teaching context.

Join our teacher network

Participate in the Teacher Network (Undervisernetværk) and get in contact with colleagues who have experimented with I&E for a while, and remain up to date on the area and have the opportunity to participate in relevant educational offers and professional discussions.

Learn methods and planning tools

Are you curious or already ready to experiment - then visit the I&E toolbox, where there is inspiration to find on both educational planning and specific methods.