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13. maj 2016

Apply for funding for innovation activities


Have you or your student organization a really good idea for an innovation activity, which is aimed at students at UCPH? If so, you can now apply for funding from UCPH's Innovation & Entrepreneurship student fund to realize your idea.

UCPH has allocated DKK 200,000 a year to support the student-driven innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) activities. The funds will be awarded by two rounds of DKK 100,000 each, and the deadline for the first round is 1 June, so please send your application already today.

The applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Funding will primarily be allocated to student activities held by student organizations which have a clear I&E aim (e.g. SundIdé, synapse and DANSIC).
  2. Secondly, funds can be granted to individual students who wish to arrange an I&E aimed activity outside the general programme syllabus.
  3. Funds will preferably go to inter-faculty I&E activities.
  4. The activity must be held in the calendar year 2016.
  5. The application committee from University Education Services and UCPH Innovation Hub can choose only to allocate some of the applied funding to the individual applicants.

How to apply for the funds

Please send your application no later than the 1 June 2016 to Laura Thomassen, University Education Services.

The application must contain the following documents

  1. Objective for activity and organization (maximum 5 pages)
  2. Budget for activity and
  3. Indication of whether the activity has received other funding.

All applicants will receive a reply to the application in the course of June.