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06. december 2016

Startup Bundl at Slush

The startup Bundl attended Slush in Helsinki this winter. Slush is Europe’s leading startup event for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. It is designed for startups and companies at all stages and is a great opportunity to look for investors, customers, or mentoring. In the following you can read about founder of Bundl, Lise Lin’s experience at Slush.

Bundl is a startup with the idea to create an online collaboration platform for fashion- and lifestyle companies and their factories. The idea is to let them visually communicate together and companies can then track the entire manufacturing process.

When my co-founder Philip and I got the tickets to Slush we did not know exactly what to expect. However, prior to our visit we received several emails through slush's mailing list by people that was interested in meeting with us.

The first day at Slush we spent on networking, meeting some of the people that requested for meetings and we stood in long queues just to talk to people in front- and behind us, to know what they were working on, who they were and what they expected to gain from Slush.

In this context our first official meeting was with Joel Larsson – an entrepreneur from Sweden that is managing the biggest accelerator in the Southern Sweden, Fast Track. He wishes to bridge a collaboration between the Nordic countries and gain knowledge and inspiration from one another. Little did we know, but he was actually screening us for the next batch in the accelerator and we got “approved” and urged to apply. It is such a privilege to us and we are so happy to see the Nordic startup scene, maturing. This wouldn't have happened if we didn't go to this rewarding event. 

With this many startups, investors and journalists gathered in one place, we seized the opportunity and ran from stage to stage to hear talks from David Helgasson (Unity), Chris Sacca (Lowercase), Dave McClure (500 Startups) and other industry experts. We learned that investors appreciate a “no bullshit” culture, make yourself stand out in a crowd, so the right people can find you.

As Dave McClure emphasized “Build something useful or something people will pay for” – and for me, there is only one way to find out – test fast and fail fast. At least, this is how Bundl works in order to include the end user fast. The next for us, is pursuing some leads in the United States, as we now have been invited for some interviews in San Francisco, and will be going later this week.