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15. februar 2016

Global Service Design Jam 2016

Service Design

One weekend every year the Global Service Jam takes place. In these 48 hours, people who are interested in a service design-based approach to innovation will meet at locations all over the globe. Copenhagen will be one of these locations.

Everyone is welcome to join! Amongst service designers, product designers, students, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, mums and grandpas you will form teams and work together for 48 hours to create brand-new real-world ideas which can make that little difference.

Or perhaps a big difference - it's up to you.

Through the weekend, you'll be linked to other jammers at other sites all over the globe, working in different ways on different answers to the same challenge, sharing problems, advice, and insights. And at the end of an exciting weekend, you will publish your results to the world.

Check out the schedule for the weekend and join us at the Global Service Jam 2016 and make a difference!

TICKETS: Order your tickets now via Eventbrite.