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26. juli 2016

Innovation is more than you - it's interdisciplinary

This was the interdisciplinary medical technology association META's answer when Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCPH asked them why innovation is important and what they believe that innovation can contribute to society in connection with UCPH Innovation Day 2016 on October 13.

Below you can read here META's answer:

"For us at META, innovation is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The challenges of today gets increasingly more complex, which calls for the ability to see through this complexity and shape the crucial parts into a greater whole. The key to manage this tendency is an interdisciplinary approach, where different field of studies are working together. This is how people will see through the complexity and discover a greater whole, together. This is what innovative ideas are made of.

We want to encourage everyone to participate in the UCPH Innovation Day 2016. Not only for the sake of your own career and network, but because the future needs your eyes and commitment to make whole solutions, far greater than the overwhelming sum of its parts.

Innovation is not only about having your own ideas, but just as much about help improving and realizing the ideas of others. We therefore hope to see a broad palette of studies represented at the UCPH Innovation Day and we are looking forward talking to you.

You can read more about META or go to the website for UCPH Innovation Day 2016 and sign up.