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07. september 2016

Teaching could be more innovative


Lourdes Cantarero Arevalo is a lecturer at Department of Pharmacy. She first heard about IEUCPH in a newsletter and joined because she would like to have inspiration and guidance for redesigning her course 'Research methods in social and clinical pharmacy'.

Why did you participate in IEUCPH?

"I was going to start this course in “Research methods in social and clinical pharmacy” and I wanted to get some new ideas on how to make the course itself more innovative. Within the framework of this course, students work on their master’s thesis as a case. So the students can choose to work on their master’s thesis and go a little bit more in depth with the methods and with the research questions; and then I thought that it would be a good idea as well to include this innovation part in their master’s thesis process".

What was your outcome from the seminar?

"It was an inspiring seminar. Teachers, who already work with innovation in their teaching, gave presentations and new ideas. We also did some quite specific exercises that I used later on in relation to redesigning my course. To introduce innovation to the students when they work on their master’s thesis, which in my eyes is a really creative process, has been really rewarding”.

Do you use what you learned in your teaching?

“Yes I do. I use the exercises in my course that I’ve already mentioned and I use them as well in supervision. So when I’m supervising my students and we have these one-to-one supervision-sessions we sometimes do the exercise of mapping, which is an exercise where you have to map different actors. I think it is an excellent opportunity for the students to be introduced to think more innovatively. They have these six months, where they really need to prepare some good research questions, which, in my eyes are closely linked to innovation”.

Would you recommend others to participate in IEUCPH?

“Yes definitely so. I think that teaching in general could be more innovative. Sometimes we’re just repeating ourselves on and on for every same course we are teaching. Working in a more innovative way with exercises and group work, as we learned at the seminar is not only rewarding for the students, but also for you as a teacher.

Generally, when I think about innovation, I think about creativity. And to have the courage to think out of the box is always a good idea in relation to problem-solving. In the end many of our students will go get a job, where they will come across both large and small problems which they must solve. Being able to think innovatively in that process is a great strength. It makes you believe that you are capable of dealing with work related issues”.