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16. december 2016

University of Copenhagen X SLUSH 2016

Written by Leyla Hazal Onurlu

SLUSH is one of Europe’s leading start-up events that bring together leading actors from the global tech scene to Helsinki from the 30th November to 1th December 2016. Everybody interested in the start-up scene and innovation comes together and tries to change the dynamics of the world. 10 lucky students and I got the opportunity to join the biggest gathering in the Nordic start-up scene and to hear inspirational talks about business, start-ups and innovation.

Our team for the trip had different educational backgrounds, which also reflect the interdisciplinary atmosphere at the conference. The conference had businesses and participants from different corners of the world. We also had multiple student organizations present such as DANSIC, SUND - & UCPH Innovation Hub, which got to meet each other across organizations and discuss our engagement for innovation & entrepreneurship.

The talks, pitches and conversations with start-ups, established business and investor provided useful information and inspiration e.g. for students, as I, who are interested in starting their own start-up. The start-ups were primarily digital platforms & applications based within different focus areas such as e-commerce, online marketplaces, health & communication etc.

The company “Yousician” aims to make musicality as common as literacy. They are pioneers in music education and described themselves as “Your personal music teacher”. Yousician teaches users how to play an instrument though audio signal processing, games with real musical instruments. The keynote from their talk emphasized on start-ups scaling their businesses, so it goes global and to be profitable.

The start-up “Wired Beauty” focused on wearable technology and is also the world’s 1st wearable & connected textile UV tracker. They offer solutions to better beauty routines through connected devices equipped with smart sensors, a community-based app and customized recommendations. Some start-ups also mentioned these bullet points from their experience as entrepreneurs: Don’t comprise the authenticity and goal of the start-up. Match expectations between investor & start-up. Users are your client – Listen to their needs and solve their problems. Be humble and stay hungry. Don’t be afraid to try, fail and learn.

Many investors & business angels also mentioned that they are focussed on four parameters in regards to funding: The diversity of the team, capability of product, customer base & accessibility of data.

The talks from Daniel Ek (Spotify), Kemal Malik (Bayer AG) & Nicolas Brusson (BlaBlaCar) gave a lot of inspiration in terms of pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. Many of the start-ups and businesses wants to make an impact and find innovative solutions that can be beneficial for people. The SLUSH conference definitely gave an insight to the practical side of innovation and business, where abstract ideas could be transform into profitable business with aspects from ones academic background.