Your idea can help the world

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You do not have to wait until you have graduated to start your own business.

Your life as an entrepreneur can begin right now in the UCPH Innovation Hubs where you can develop your idea and turn it into a business. You can get feedback, mentoring and a free office space.

If you do not intend to start your own business, you can still get experience within innovation and entrepreneurship through an academic internship in other people’s start-ups.

On this page, you can explore problems that other UCPH students have helped solve through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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VIOBAC reduces the risk of urinary tract infections

VIOBAC develops medical devices that prevent urinary tract infections among patients with bladder catheters by using disinfecting ultraviolet light (UV-C light). The ultraviolet light can kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria found on bladder catheters. For patients, this means less discomfort, shorter hospitalisation and a better chance of survival.

VIOBAC was founded by Kasper Køppen and Mads Ørbæk Andersen while they were studying medicine at UCPH.

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Zymoscope helps breweries with sustainable quality control

Zymoscope uses new sensor technology for quality control of beer. This enables brewers to check the fermentation process continuously through an app instead of through sampling. This allows the brewers to quickly step in and save a batch if it does not ferment properly. This reduces waste, lowers water consumption and makes production cheaper, so that even breweries on low budgets get to see their beer on store shelves.

The founders behind Zymoscope are Mads Andersen, who studied Nanoscience at UCPH, and Petros Venetopoulos, who studied Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship at CBS.

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Jordnær Creative fights for climate action in the film and TV industry

Jordnær Creative advises people in the film and TV industry on how to use the sustainable development goals actively and reduce their carbon footprint through joint partnerships, by using reusable tableware and by disposing of hazardous waste - such as batteries - in a correct manner. The sustainable solutions are often easily accessible, and the people behind Jordnær Creative are experts in spotting them.

Jordnær Creative was founded by Josephine Madsen and Anne Ahn Lund, who have both studied Film and Media Science at UCPH.

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LegalHero makes legal expert advice more accessible

LegalHero is a digital platform that makes it easy for both private individuals and small, and medium-sized companies to find an expert in a variety of legal fields and niches. On LegalHero’s website, legal experts are just a few clicks away, and they offer their advice cheaper because they save money on administrative costs and offices.

The founders behind LegalHero are Kristian Anker and Oscar Almstup, who have both studied Law at UCPH.

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Novipel helps women with incontinence together with Lea from anthropology. Lea handles the conversations that require special consideration

Novipel works to prevent and treat incontinence in women. But their work would be unsuccessful if it was not linked to how women think, feel and act. What do these women need? Is incontinence a taboo? How does incontinence affect their daily lives? Novipel needed to know all of this. They offered Lea, who is studying anthropology at UCPH, an academic internship to investigate women's motivation and resistance in relation to their product.

It was a win-win. Novipel gained insight into their target group, and Lea got to test her academic skills.