Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCPH

At the University of Copenhagen, we work with innovation and entrepreneurship as key components of teaching and research. We focus on the integration of innovation in teaching activities and supporting students’ innovation and cooperation projects with the business sector and the public sector.

At the University of Copenhagen, our wide range of disciplines that complement each other gives us unique prerequisites for having a great impact on society and playing a central role in innovation processes for the benefit of the surrounding society.

About the report ‘Entrepreneurship at the University of Copenhagen’ 

The report ‘Entrepreneurship at the University of Copenhagen’ shows, among other things, that the University’s researchers, students and graduates have created more than 4,600 companies over a period of 16 years. This is equivalent to an annual 290 new startup companies born out of the University of Copenhagen.

Students and new graduates make up the majority of the UCPH-based entrepreneurs, and the companies they establish are good at both creating jobs and generating turnover. The report also includes five cases of startups born out of the University of Copenhagen, including CLIO and Forecast.

The report was published in December 2019 and is based on a combination of registry-based data, desk research and interviews with entrepreneurs and key individuals at the University. The analysis and the report have been prepared for the University of Copenhagen by IRIS Group.

Read the full report here (in Danish only)

Innovation in teaching

Innovation is to play a central role in the way students and teaching staff think. The University of Copenhagen therefore aims to educate competent and innovative graduates who can and dare to put their academic skills into play in a complex reality. We focus on the development of innovative pedagogy and helping more teachers deploy these methods in their teaching.

Read more about our subprojects (in Danish only).

Support for student innovation and entrepreneurship

In the UCPH Innovations Hubs, the University of Copenhagen offers support for students who want to work with idea development. Here we provide students with the necessary skills to move from knowledge to the ability to execute a good idea. 

Read more about the UCPH Innovation Hubs here.

Collaborate with the University’s entrepreneurial students

It is a strategic goal for the University of Copenhagen that our students must be allowed to apply their expertise and skills during their education – for example through case studies and other practical elements.

If you are interested in providing a case for a course, collaborating with a student or getting involved in an event or collaboration with our student innovation communities, UCPH Innovation Hubs, please contact us to hear more about the possibilities for collaboration.

Having businesses and public institutions as partners

Innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives at the University of Copenhagen come about in close collaboration with companies and public institutions. It is a strategic priority for the University of Copenhagen to strengthen collaboration with private and public companies in areas where joint efforts can generate new knowledge.

Utilising knowledge and research results arising from the University’s research and study environments creates value for both the company and the University, and UCPH can offer a range of forms of collaboration that promote the use of research results and ensure valuable knowledge sharing. 

Go to the University of Copenhagen’s portal for business collaboration.

Many years of experience

The University of Copenhagen has worked with innovation and entrepreneurship in education for a number of years. Through two major projects, the Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (CIEL) (in Danish only) and Next Generation (in Danish only), UCPH has, in collaboration with DTU and CBS, developed a wide range of courses and extracurricular activities for our students in recent years.

In 2016, the University of Copenhagen completed the 2016 education project ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCPH’. The project focused on:

  • developing university pedagogical innovation and entrepreneurship competences among UCPH teaching staff
  • strengthening knowledge sharing among teaching staff through a teaching staff network
  • strengthening UCPH students’ awareness of and engagement in student innovation and entrepreneurship, for example, by establishing UCPH Innovation Hubs for students. Read more about the results from the project here (in Danish only).