How to develop and test need driven solutions with prototypes?

- hosted by SUND Hub for UCPH Innovation hubs

In this workshop we work with putting your solution in form. How to visualize your idea into something that can be tested, tried and further developed? No matter if you work on products or services, prototypes help communicate and test your ideas. It allows others to experience your solution and give feedback.

Prototyping fuels the creative process and enables us to think though our hands – it is iterative, experimental and allows us not only to model objects, services and settings but also learn and improve upon the interactions among all these conditions. In this workshop we work with how to get started; define what you want to develop, visualize it, make a prototype and plan how to test it.


    14:00               Welcome & Agenda

    14:10               Check-in & Elevator pitch

    14:30               Introduction prototypes, pretotypes and Minimum Viable Product

    15:00            Break

    15:15               Inspirational talk: PharmaGO presenting their prototyping journey

    15:25               Break-out session: Prepare your first prototype

    15:50            Break

    16:00               Present your prototyping plans

    16:30               Introduction to user-test

    16:45               Wrap-up, Q&A

    Who can join:
    Teams and startups from SUND HubSCIENCE Innovation Hub and Human & Legal Innovation hub have priority. Other students can register to get inspiration for future projects in the hubs. Others can register if spots are available.

    Registration is mandatory: 
    Register here.