How to start a startup: Legal, formal and IP considerations

- hosted by Human & Legal Innovation Hub for UCPH Innovation hubs

In this session you get an insight into to all legal and formal aspects of starting a startup. Including how and when to setup a legal entety (ApS, A/S Personligt selskab etc).

Furthermore, you will get an introduction to the most common legal concepts such as shareholders agreement, Cap Table, boardmeeings, formality and responsiblities of owning a company, Book-keeping, Letter of Intent (LoI), Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) etc.).

Furthermore you will get an introduction to Intellectual property: How to protect your ideas and develop an IP strategy for your startup.

The details will be updated in the end of august.

Who can join:
Teams and startups from SUND Hub, SCIENCE Innovation Hub and Human & Legal Innovation hub have priority. Others can register if spots are available.

Registration is mandatory

Please register before September 25th as we have limited spots because of the covid-19.

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