How to Discover your Customers

- hosted by SUND Hub for UCPH Innovation hubs

In this workshop, we will focus on "Getting out of the building and engage with your key stakeholders" – a key activity in your journey towards:

  1. Understanding the root cause of the problem
  2. Define the desired behavior and impact
  3. Identify barriers and
  4. Developing a viable solution.

When you want to solve real problems with your solutions you will experience that problems are often complex and caused by many factors. Ensuring a good method for collecting data; Asking the right questions to the right people is key. This session will include an introduction to stakeholders analysis.

The details will be updated in the end of august.

Who can join:
Teams and startups from SUND HubSCIENCE Innovation Hub and Human & Legal Innovation hub have priority. Others can register if spots are available.

Registration is mandatory
Please register before September 10th as we have limited spots because of the covid-19.

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