How to set the right team – team, vision, and interns

- hosted by SUND Hub for UCPH Innovation hubs

In this session, you will get an insight into how to build and lead a team around your startup.

A key element of leading a team, is your ability to clearly communicating your vision in order to gain support to your beliefs, and you will be working with your vision, mission and values in this session.

When building your team, you must have an understanding of what skills and competences you hold – and which you need to look for.

This session will include an on-hands recruitment guide for you, looking for Key Opinion Leaders, advisory board members, co-founder(s) or student helpers or other team members.

The details will be updated in the end of august.

Who can join:
Teams and startups from SUND Hub, SCIENCE Innovation Hub and Human & Legal Innovation hub have priority. Others can register if spots are available.

Registration is mandatory
Please register before November 12th as we have limited spots because of the covid-19. Register here

The event is financed by EIT Health