How to master storytelling and presentation techniques

- hosted by SUND Hub for UCPH Innovation hubs

In this session, you will get an insight into the power of storytelling combined with a practical introduction to presentation techniques for startups.

Human decision-making is a cognitive process highly influenced by emotions and your ability to present facts and connect on a personal level is a powerful skill when running a startup.

The session will include a practical guide to how to deliver a short and clear presentation of your idea or startup in order to stimulate interest in the end: provoke your desired action among your audience.

The details will be updated in the end of august.

Who can join:
Teams and startups from SUND Hub, SCIENCE Innovation Hub and Human & Legal Innovation hub have priority. Others can register if spots are available.

Registration is mandatory
Please register before November 12th as we have limited spots because of the covid-19. Register here

The event is financed by EIT Health