14. januar 2020

A deep dive into the Danish-Swedish Life Science Ecosystem

30 dedicated and ambitious students took a 3-days trip to explore the life science cluster Medicon Valley. The trip was supported by the UCPH’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship student fund.

By Julie Bolding, Core Team Member at Synapse – Life Science Connect

Connect Medicon Valley is a three-day trip where Synapse – Life Science Connect invited 30 dedicated and ambitious students and young professionals from Danish and Swedish universities to experience the amazing opportunities offered by the life science cluster Medicon Valley.

The trip consisted of one day in Lund and one day in Copenhagen and Northern Zealand and ended with a hackathon at Hello Science on the last day. The participants gained insights into the companies located in this cluster and where presented to new exciting career opportunities on both sides of Oresund.

30 dedicated and ambitious students and young professionals at the Medicon Valley

An entrepreneurial mindset

Connect Medicon Valley 2019 started out with a full day in Lund, where we first had an inspiring workshop presented by Venture Lab.  Venturelab is a nonprofit organization that is helping university students through entrepreneurial learning.

During this workshop everyone learned about having an entrepreneurial mindset and learned to make an elevator pitch to a potential investor. The workshop was followed by exiting talks from different startup companies all located in lund. They all shared their story of how to create a start-up and shared both the difficulties and the successes in the process of starting a company.

The world’s No. 1 Most Sustainable Company

The second day in the Connect Medicon Valley 2019 program started out at Chr. Hansen, which is a global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, beverage, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

At Chr. Hansen we learned from people working at different departments, such as, sales, research and bioinformatic solutions, and heard about their educational backgrounds and exiting career paths. The visit ended with a tour of their facility where we experienced one of their production lines and a great lunch where we had the opportunity to talk and network with all the speakers from Chr. Hansen.

After experiencing one of the larger companies in Medicon Village we used the afternoon with talks from some of the smaller companies located in the area. One of them was Bioneer A/S, an innovative research-based company providing services within biomedicine and biotechnology. They gave an inspiring talk about the career opportunities in Bioneer A/S and taught about how it is to work in a company that helps other life science companies and does research for them.

SDG Life Hackathon

The last day at Connect Medicon Valley took place at Hello Science – a startup accelerator focused on the sustainable development goals. The participants were divided into their teams and they all had 6 hours to prepare a solution for one of the sustainable development goals.

During the day professionals from Novozymes contributed with inputs to the teams and acted as judges in the end of the day. The teams worked extremely hard all day and in the end the winning team was announced team “Make More Crop from the Drop” who managed to create a solution for Sustainable Development Goal 6 “clean water and sanitation” that the judges from Novozymes found their solution easy to implement, a good solution for “clean water and sanitation” and a solution that could potentially be commercialized.

Synapse - Life Science Connect is a student-driven, non-profit organization in the Copenhagen Area that creates events, workshops, and networking opportunities for students and young professionals with an interest in pursuing careers in the life science environment.

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