6. juli 2021

DANSIC 2021: Empowering volunteers


Every year DANSIC renews itself with a brand new topic and  a brand new team. We believe that this constant change and renewal is essential  to empower our volunteers. The team relies little or nothing on legacy knowledge, thus facing new and old challenges and relying mainly on their own problem solving skills to overcome these stepbacks.

The DANSIC team, composed of students and  recent graduates from different universities, many of whom from KU university, have to work together and think out of the box to develop and put into practice  an innovative concept, which promotes the development of their interpersonal, problem-solving and can-do skills.


“As a student of KU, joining the team of DANSIC21 was an incredible experience  for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, for the first time in my life, I  worked intensively with a group of people coming from different educational  backgrounds. This diversity proved to me the importance of collaboration and  multidisciplinarity.”  Sara Kharboui, Event Coordinator.

Furthermore, this year has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The constant changes brought by the Danish government forced multiple changes in terms of structure, requiring a new level of flexibility to complete not just the yearly event, but also to build a successful and engaging experience for all our volunteers. Dealing with uncertainties, like the impossibility to know if we could have the event physically, required an incredible force of adaptation while working on our first intercontinental event.

The constant use of online platforms impacted even on the very social aspects of our organisation, a core-asset of DANSIC to help our volunteers build a strong network for their future. . From the past year we had learning opportunities to engage the volunteers, but, on multiple occasions, the total lack of physical presence throughout the year led us to issues of miscommunication and demotivation.

To reach our scope and success, these were mainly tackled with a lot of patience and by enacting multiple-plan strategies, in case new complications were going to arise.  These skills will be extremely important in the volunteers’ future careers as young entrepreneurs.

The DANSIC21 Circular Challenge

DANSIC21 event on Sustainability and Circular Economy was a case competition that lasted three days, at the end of which the grand finale was held. The case competition itself was preceded by a series of webinars intended to familiarise and equip students, particularly participants, with the tools to approach, cogitate and design strategies to build circular business models .

During this round of online meetings, many students of Copenhagen University attended and took advantage of the expertise of our high-profile panelists that happily shared their knowledge and experiences. It was a fruitful and unique occasion that reunited, for the first time, emerging businesses from Africa and the Nordics and their representatives. On the day of the finale, different teams composed by university students from the African as well as the Nordic scene have reunited to discuss their innovative solutions aimed to tackle the problem of waste in businesses. 


Among those participants, a whole team of students from KU joined the challenge. This event represented a great opportunity  for students to put their knowledge in practice, share their local experiences and exchange ideas with fellows coming from  different backgrounds. Their solutions were debated and assessed in terms of feasibility, innovation and creativity by a team  of judges that are top-experts in the field giving them the opportunity to receive feedback and grow in their knowledge and  awareness of the topic.

The event concluded on a digital experience that wanted to provide an extra boost to KU’s image by  showing the involvement of our own KU volunteers, co-hosting the show to remark the potential of every viewer to be the  leaders of tomorrow in promoting a sustainable future. 

DANSIC is very thankful to KU I&E foundation for its support. You can find out more about DANSIC by clicking here and the event-related videos are going to be accessible on the DANSICtube web-page.