20. december 2021

Students help solving sustainability issues together with Roskilde Festival

Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge was recently held for the second time. It is a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and Actory at Studenterhuset. The challenge teamed up with Roskilde Festival who presented two exciting cases that revolved around the reduction and management of waste at the festival.

Reduce, reuse and recycle with Roskilde Festival

At Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge students from different universities work together to present the best initiative to promote sustainable solutions from different case partners.

This year, the students solved sustainability issues together with Roskilde festival. Roskilde Festival brings together over 130,000 people, all of whom consume and influence the environment – just as setting up the festival does. Roskilde Festival takes responsibility for taking care of the climate, protecting nature and protecting biodiversity very seriously.

The topic of case challenge was “Reduce and Sort the waste at Roskilde Festival” where the students focused on how the festival could reduce both the use of disposable products and the amount of new materials and products that were discarded immediately after or during Roskilde Festival. Further they focused on how Roskilde Festival affected the festival participants' behavior regarding sorting waste during and after the festival.

The students loved working together with other university students

During the challenge, students from different universities and fields of study had a chance to meet and collaborate on solutions for sustainable development.

We have asked three of the participating students about their impressions from the case challenge.

Mathilde Ritzenthaler is studying MSc in Cognition and Communication at UCPH : I really loved working with students from other universities. Because we all came from such different backgrounds, we had very rich ideas and it was easy to build on top of everyone’s ideas

Isha Vartak is studying MSc Social Data Science at UCPH and was a part of the winning team: It was great to work with people from different backgrounds - everyone had such different strengths to bring to the table and I believe that really enriched our solution. It was a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

Ulrikke Nelboe Møllegård from the same team is studying Human Geography at the University of Copenhagen: I have never tried making interdisciplinary group work and I think that we gained a lot from the different competencies that we could all bring to the group. 

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