6. april 2021

Students solve sustainability issues together

Copenhagen Sustainability challenge was recently held for the first time for 75 committed participants mentors and judges. The challenge was a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and Actory.

studerende actory challenge

Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge is an innovation competition where students from different universities compete to present the best initiative to promote sustainable solutions for Copenhagen.

The topic of this case challenge was ‘Ideas for Sustainable Tourism’. A topic that is very current, seen in the light of the effect the pandemic has had on tourism. Covid-19 has put international tourism on hold and consequently sent the leisure economy into a major crisis. In the crisis, however, we have a unique opportunity to focus even more on the sustainable aspect once the leisure economy is to be restarted.

The students came up with solutions for specific issues related to the environment

Due to the pandemic, the event was held online where almost 100 students from different universities applied to participate in the Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge, of which 60 were accepted. More of them shared their interest in participating in the challenge:

Edith Bronke is studying MSc Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School, she was part of one of the winning teams at the case challenge, about her interest in participating in the challenge she said: “I wanted to apply my knowledge that I have acquired throughout my studies, Moreover, I thought it would be interesting to work with students from other universities in order to solve a real-life case.”

Also student Christina Maria Stolz who is studying Asian Language and Culture at Copenhagen Business School, was very excited about participating in the case challenge she said: “The Challenge was special as the topic revolved around something so close to me, the city I live in. The idea that the project we come up with could influence or contribute to the change of an element of the city feels quite gratifying.”

Also Joana Canada who study MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen said: “I signed up to join Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge because the topic of sustainable ways of tourism seemed very interesting, and I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about it and explore already existing and new solutions.”

 “I love working with sustainability and meet new people. I believe that solving sustainability issues are one of the most important ways to create a better world for everyone – and that motivates me a lot.” Was said by participant Sofie Hwemon who is studying Political Science at the University of Copenhagen.

The students thought it was amazing to work so closely with other university students, even though it was from a distance

During the challenge, students from different universities and fields of study had a chance to meet and collaborate on solutions for sustainable development.

 Thibault Vanheeghe who also was part of the winning team at the case challenge and is studying MSc. Sustainable Energy – wind energy at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) said: “It was a great team, we had good chemistry and we worked pretty hard and really well. It was also the opportunity to relax and socialize more with new people, which was really fun.”

Also Emilie Bork who is studying MSc Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen said: “..having to perform in a limited amount of time challenges many different skills and requires that you take in as much as you pass on to your group members.”

On behalf of my team, I can say that our strength was the diversity of Universities, study programme and nationality of our members, which eventually brought nothing but original solution, creativity, international engagement and many other qualities.” Was said by Frederico D’Ascanio who is studying MSc Environment and Development, Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

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