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29. marts 2016

Gutxy - personalised health advice


Sofia Popov, MSc Bioinformatics, Kristoffer Hovstad, MSc Food Technology and Miguel Largo, MSc Business Administration & Bioentrepreneurship are the Founders of Gutxy. Gutxy helps everyday people balance their gut microbes with personalised health advice.

What is your idea about?

"Our idea is to help everyday people balance their gut microbes with personalised health advice.

We believe that the current health industry is largely based on current trends and fashions, pseudoscience and health hearsay that offers formulaic solutions to the masses. We believe that improving our health is very individual, and requires personalised solutions.

Scientific research is showing that an individual’s health is the result of a combination of factors, and is not just based on genetics, but is influenced by their environment, their food choices and their microbiome".

How did you come to think about this idea?

"Our group met at KU’s “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” course, where we had to come up with a social innovation idea. We chose to focus on health and preventing disease, since this is an area we are all very passionate about: Miguel has specialized in clinical microbiology, Kristoffer, the food industry and Sofia, cellular and disease biology.

Through interviews we noticed that many people want to embody health; yet, they are often derailed by emotional, social and habitual triggers, that stop them from sustaining new habits, as they struggle with “inconsistent implementation.”

We asked ourselves why? Why do some lifestyles work for some but not for others?

As we were working on this, Sofia was studying the human microbiome for another course. This knowledge strengthened our understanding of the crucial relationship between gut bacteria and health, and how the microbiome affects everything from our meal choices to our mood, something continually being supported by the scientific community.

As such, we decided to focus on the gut microbiome. We believe that investigating this area and focusing our innovation efforts out deciphering what health means in the context of our gut bacteria, is a key way we can help individuals maximise their health".

Why did you apply for the Business tour to Munich and what did you learn?

"For the chance to meet other entrepreneurs, as well as practice pitching and sharing our idea. We learned better ways to communicate our idea and engage an audience/potential customers. We also learned how important it is to express ‘why’ we are passionate about our idea, to depict our authentic selves".

How did you get wiser about your product and pitch at the trip?

"We pitched four times, on different days. After each session we got feedback on our pitches, and questions about our idea from students and business professionals. These insights were great because, first and foremost, it showed that they were enthusiastic about our idea, and it also gave us great input on what we needed to communicate more clearly".

You won the CDTM Pitch competition. How was that?

"It was a pitching competition arranged by the CDTM, which is an institution and university course to help the most motivated students develop their ideas into a business. We competed against startups from our own group and from CDTM, many of which had a lot more developed products and much more experience in pitching.

Arriving for the competition, we had previously pitched only once at the Munich network, where we got a lot of ideas on how to improve based on the feedback. Still, because the second pitch was two hours later, we did not have time to practice. Looking back, we believe that because we improvised, we conveyed more passion. In the end we think we won since we have a great idea we are genuinely excited about, and so, we were able to convey this in our pitch and make others feel the same about what we have to offer".

Would you go on a similar trip again if you had the chance?

"Yes, for sure! It was a lot of fun, we got to meet many wonderful people who were on a similar journey as us, so we could share insights and experiences".